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LG 1479FDS5 Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine Review

This LG Steam Direct Drive has received all five star reviews on a famous online retailer’s website and as such we decided we should look into it and let you know what makes this one of the best washing machines on the market currently. Our research took us to the manufacturer’s page where we found out what the main wow factor was for this washing machine. What was it? – The revolutionary steam that helps you to get your laundry done with less wrinkles. This feature alone saves you some money on your energy bill as you will spend less time ironing.  There are a number of other features that make this machine one of the best so continue reading to find out more.

LG 1479FDS5 Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine Description

LG 1479FDS5 Washing MachineThis washing machine features steam direct drive technology which washes clothes to their cleanest with the steam technology that penetrates them to their core. The steam that is generated during the wash cycle also ensures that your clothes come out with as little wrinkles as possible cutting your ironing time down by as much as half. The washer is capable of performing six different drum motions which are specified based on which wash program the user selects. You also have the opportunity to control your spin speed thus improving the care of your clothes while they are being washed.

With the ability of the interior drum to move right and left you have an increased wash performance making your laundry even cleaner than conventional washers that only have one motion. The washing machine features a dual system that release both water and steam at the same time for the most effective clean in the most cost effective way. If you would rather use steam only the washing machine has a steam only cycle that is a mere 20 minutes long. This is great for those days that you want to wear your favorite outfit but it is not in its best shape. This steam only cycle also lifts wrinkles and creases so your garment will be ready the minute you take it out of the washer. This washer also features Allergy Care that helps to get rid of 99.98% if allergens from your clothes. That should be music to ears of allergy sufferers!

LG 1479FDS5 Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine Features

  • 9 kg / 69 litre Capacity
  • Free standing installation
  • Front loading
  • 1400rpm spin capacity
  • Steam Direct Drive Technology
  • Dual spray technology
  • A+++ Energy class performance
  • ‘A’ Class wash efficiency
  • ‘A’ Class spin efficiency
  • LCD display
  • 3 to 19 hour delay timer
  • 14 automatic programmes
  • 214 Kw weighted annual energy consumption
  • 12000 litres weighted annual water consumption
  • Two year manufacturer warranty, 10 month warranty on motor

Consumer Reviews for LG 1479FDS5 Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine

In an effort to show you exactly why this is the best washing machine we have included some washing machine reviews as is customary on our website. But before we go on into the reviews we decided to extract a couple quotes; things people are actually saying so you know it will be worth your while to read through the reviews to the end of this article. Here they are;

  • “It is very quiet, even on full spin and not intrusive at all.”
  • “Steam wash fantastic and very useful.”
  • “The 9Kg drum means I have less wash loads, just need a longer washing line now.”
  • “The steam refresh feature is a God send.”

LG LogoOne particular consumer stated that they suffer from eczema and purchased this particular washer because it has the Allergy Care feature. She also read the reviews and thought that it was the perfect machine as she could only read positive stuff about it. Though it was a large 9 kg washer which she thought she would never be able to full she was a bit worried but low and behold after a couple washes she found that she could fill it just fine. Things that she loves about this washer are that she has the ability to rinse with warm water to get rid of all traces of detergent which is essential for her skin. She also loves the fact that it is so quite even on a full spin. She also loves the steam refresh cycle as she now just has to do a quick one over with the iron and she is through. She has also used the refresh cycle for clothes that just needed to get rid of some odour and it worked wonders. She says she was not disappointed at all and would definitely recommend the product as she is sure you won’t be disappointed either.

One other reviewer described this washer as being good value for money. They chose it because it was over £100 cheaper than its rivals with similar features and was larger. She says the 9 Kg drum capacity allows her to wash more per load cutting down her wash time but now her only problem is not having enough lines to hang all the clothes she washes. She also mentioned that the machine is very quiet even when not on the quite wash feature. Since it is so quiet she jokingly wonders why they even bothered with the quiet wash since it is already so quite.

One reviewer kept her review short and simple, getting right to the point. She said she loved it and that it was very useful and the steam wash allowed her to get rid of the stains in her baby’s clothes that she didn’t think she could get out; now she won’t have to throw them out!

Another review said the product was wonderful and that she has the white one and would be willing to buy it in silver as well. She loves the Allergy Care feature and says she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone.


The washing machine comes with a lot of features that make it into a great buy for any consumer. It is large but at the same time provides you with quick wash cycles and energy saving qualities. There is nothing not to love about this product according to most washing machine reviews.


Out of all the reviews found online, there was none that had a negative remark about this washing machine.


From the reviews and the manufacturer description and specification this washer seems to be a definite good buy. It has a number of features for making washing a pleasurable experience.

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LG F1256QD washing machineThe LG F1256QD is one of the best washing machines you will find for sale. It has a number of honest five star reviews from consumers who own and use the product on a daily basis. These reviews show that the washing machine is indeed one of the best and something that will be well worth the purchase. In total the product has over 25 washing machine reviews on Amazon UK and more than half of them are five star reviews with the remainder being four star reviews. The machine is packed with a good amount of features while maintaining a level of user friendliness making it easy for any housewife to become acquainted with.

LG F1256QD Washing Machine Description

The LG F1256QD provides its owner with a new kind of clean. It is unlike your typical washing machine in a number of ways. It uses a patented technology known as direct drive which means that the motor is directly attached to the drive which reduces energy use, vibration and noise. It also has a Bio cycle which ensures that even the toughest stain will not stay in your laundry. It is also equipped with a unique Medic Cycle which makes it one of the best washing machines for persons with sensitive skin. This cycle ensures that all traces of detergent are removed from clothes prior to coming out of the washer. It has a LED Control Panel with an easy to read display screen that allows you to see a number of things about your wash. It features a sensor that can detect when there is an imbalance within the drum and it will automatically fix it. It has a 7 kg capacity making it ideal for any size family and a spin speed of 1200rpm.

LG F1256QD Features

  • ‘A+’  Energy Class
  • ‘A’ Class washing efficiency
  • ‘B’ Class Spin Efficiency
  • 7kg Washing Capacity
  • 58 litre drum capacity
  • Load Sensing Technology
  • LED Display
  • Crease Reducing Technology
  • 3 to 19 hour delay timer
  • 13 automatic programs
  • 1200 rpm of rotational speed
  • Direct drive technology
  • Front loading
  • Freestanding installation
  • Comes with two year warranty from manufacturers

Consumer Feedback For LG F1256QD Washing Machine

We found many 5 and 4 star reviews for this product across a large number of websites on the web. Obviously people like this product and believe that this washing machine is a good buy.

Here are some comments from actual buyers to date:

  • Very Quiet
  • Fantastic Product
  • An Excellent Washing Machine
  • Great Results

The above are just some of the comments that are found to be common among the LG F1256QD washing machine reviews. The reviews don’t stop there though as most reviewers elaborate why they love this machine and why it would be a good buy for anybody seeking a washing machine that can do it all. Here are some of those reviews in detail where you will see exactly what consumers and owners of this washing machine have to say about it.

LG LogoOne particular consumer commented that the washer was the best washing machine they have ever owned. They went on to say that they love the fact that it is so quiet and loves the sounds and the easy to read display. She now feels great when she has to do laundry and no longer feels like it is a chore. She said she did take a lot of time to purchase this one spending an entire day to look at different models available in the stores. She opted for this model due to the fact that it was affordable, easy to use and was an energy saving model. In her very own words “the machine was brilliant!”

When it finally arrived at her house she found that the instructions were easy to follow and the machine was easy to install. After installing and running the required pre wash cycle for the first use she did two full loads of washing and was very pleased with the results. The 1200 rpm spin was lauded for getting most of the water out of the clothes so that they were a lot easier and quicker to dry. She went on to say that the machine works perfectly with every type of material and washes them all to a very good level of clean. She went on to speak about a number of the features of the washer that made it the best washing machine in her eyes.

Another owner of the machine wrote a review calling the LG F1256QD an excellent washing machine. She went on to say how simple it is to use the machine; load clothes, close door, choose wash setting, load detergent, set spin speed and temperature press start and you are done, literally. At the end of the cycle she loves the fact that the machine not only buzzes but also says ‘end’. Her favourite thing about the washing machine is that it is very quiet to operate stating that the most noise you will hear from it if it is properly secured is the sound of the water as it fills up. She definitely recommends this washer and truly believes that it is the best washing machine.

Another reviewer also loves the machine because it is so quite but with small children she loves the fact that the machine comes with a feature that allows her to wash clothes that have been stained specially. Since owning this machine she has washed clothes with grass, blood and food stains and it did a good job on all stains. She recommends it as the best washing machine especially since it was so affordable when she purchased it and she is glad she made the purchase.


It can definitely be said that this is one of the best washing machines you will find. It has a lot of high tech features that make it a great option for getting the cleanest clothes while saving on your energy bill.


One issue that a reviewer found with this washing machine is the wash time, with wash times of over an hour if you are strapped for time it is not a washer for you. It does however give you a real spotless wash which makes up for the time when you have it.




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