Best Washing Machine Reviews – Buying Guide

Each person has a different idea of what the best washing machine is. For some the best washing machine is the one with the largest capacity while for others the best has a certain feature like speed low noise level. You can read expert reviews on our website to help you determine which is the ideal washing machine for your own personal need.

The Best Washing Machine – Two Versions to Choose From

In your quest for the best washing machine you should know that there are basically two types of machines; top loading and front loading. LG 1479FDS5 Washing MachineThey both have their advantages and disadvantages and that is why it is important to read some washing machine reviews before you make your decision as to which washing machine to buy. Let’s compare the two types to see which the best washing machine is.

The Front Loader VS the Top Loader – Which is the Best Washing Machine?

The front loader can be considered the best washing machine because it has a number of advantages. These include operating as much as three times less water, having less wear and tear on the clothes, is more energy efficient especially when washing with hot water, easy to load and unload can be stacked with a dryer in places where you don’t have a lot of floor space and helps you to save on the amount of detergent you use. But what are the cons of these types of machines? They are usually more highly priced than top load washers and don’t allow you to add last minute laundry; once you start it up, it is locked and you won’t be able to add laundry. So is this the best washing machine for you?

Let’s look at top load machines now so you can compare both to find the best washing machine. Top loading washing machines have a number of advantages; they are easy to load and unload and come at a cheaper price. The downside is they generally use more water and electricity than a front loader unless they are energy star rated. They also are not as gentle on clothes as the front loading washer. But apart from these two major differences in washing machines there are other things that you need to take into consideration in order to find the best washing machine.

Other Points to Consider When Choosing the Best Washing Machine

  • The load capacity – depending on the manufacturer you may see this noted on the description or packaging in pounds/kilos or in cubic inches. While you want to get a machine that is large enough so you don’t end up doing too many loads to get your laundry done, you also need to take into consideration the space you have for your laundry room. It makes no sense to purchase the biggest washing machine and not have space to actually use it.


  • Spin Speeds – this is important in finding the best washing machine because a machine with a higher spin speed means your clothes will dry faster as they have lost more water due to the faster rate of spinning. This means that a machine with a faster spin speed will be more energy efficient and the best washing machine will definitely have that attribute.


  • Washing Time – if you will be washing a lot of heavily soiled clothes then the best washing machine will be one that has a longer wash time. The average wash time for most machines is 30 minutes while some have this as their quick wash with other wash times going up to as much as 90 minutes.


  • Amount of pre-sets – most people only ever use about nine pre-sets on their washing machines but if you have a large family or have varying genders and age groups in your home you may need a machine with a large number of pre-sets. Pre-sets allow you to make your washing as tailored as it possible can be to the load of laundry you put in. you will find machines with anywhere between five and twenty pre-sets.


  • Noise Levels – Newer machines come with noise level ratings and the best washing machine should make little to no noise if properly installed.


  • Childproof Lock – if you have a number of children in your household or just one very curious child, best washing machine for you could be one with this feature. This is also useful if you have pets that are handy with their paws too!


  • Half Load Cycle – this allows you to put in half loads. If you have young children such as toddlers this is a great way to wash a small amount of items if they made a mess of their clothes with food or accidentally wet themselves or the bed etc. There are also many times you put off washing because you don’t have a full load, with a machine that has this feature you won’t have to do that anymore. Anyone can benefit from this feature and you may agree that it is a feature that the best washing machine should have.

Best Washing Machine Reviews – Some of the More Popular Brands

If a washing machine is to be called the best washing machine it should be one of the most popular on the market and should have a good number of washing machine reviews to support it. Here you will find a number of these; they are currently some of the most popular washing machines in the UK.

Hoover OptimaThe first on the best washing machine list by popularity is the Hoover Optima 6 kg washing machine. This washer has a unique door design that is in the shape of a teardrop. This alone should appeal to some buyers but if you are more into functionality than you are style then you will find the wide range of innovative features offered by this particular machine very admirable. One of the reasons behind the popularity of this washing machine is probably its ease of use. User friendliness is a very important factor when choosing the best washing machine and you can’t tell just how user friendly a machine is if you don’t read some washing machine reviews about it firstly.

This particular model has a digital display with a countdown timer that allows you to see just how much time is left in your wash cycle. It has features such as a rapid wash option, a rated wash option so you can see how much energy you are using, delay start function and comes with a guarantee on parts for five years. Clearly there are a number of reasons this is considered the best washing machine and is one of the most popular having mainly five star washing machine reviews.

The Good Ideas Mini Washing Machine could be the best washing machine for you if you are single, on a budget or hae a small amount of space in your home for a washing machine. This can easily be placed on your kitchen countertop and has three wash settings and is very economical. While it doesn’t feature a lot of bells and whistles, it gets the job done and may very well be the best washing machine for some people.

LG F1256QD washing machineThe LG F1256QD 7kg Washer is another one of the popular machines you can find for sale now. It is considered as the best washing machine because it has patented and unique technology called Direct Drive Technology which allows you an energy efficient and low vibrating and almost noiseless wash.

The washing machine also features an easy to read display with LED controls. This type of washer is great for persons who live in apartment buildings since you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by your neighbour’s washer or vice versa.

It also has some unique cycles, namely the Bio Cycle and the Medic Cycle. These help to get rid of the worst stains and remove every trace of detergent so you clothes will last longer and won’t irritate your skin. This type of machine is the best washing machine for persons with babies who cannot afford to purchase the specially formulated gentler detergents for babies as well as for those with sensitive skin.

The Candy Grand’O GO282 8kg washer is also another popular choice for those looking for the best washing machine. This machine has an addition for an increased ability to wash your clothes to a spotless clean. Candy Grand'O GO282 Washing MachineThis is achieved with an interior drum that contains raised dimples that massage the clothes as they are washed. The machine features a lot of additional features that make doing laundry easier and more enjoyable and less of a mundane task that you just have to do. It has a one of a kind stain vanish button which moves the clothes in a different way to ensure that they get a deep clean wash to get rid of any stains that may be present. This is a great buy that comes with a five year guarantee on parts and labour making it a contender for the best washing machine.

If you are looking for the best washing machine and want washing machine reviews to guide you in your decision you are definitely in the right place. Here you will find a list of washing machine reviews that go more in detail than the review snippets found above. We strive to do our best in helping you to find the best washing machine and as such will keep adding reviews as more models come to the forefront of the competition.